Sports Vision for Kids, Tweens & Teens

Are your children performing at their highest potential in sports?
How are you protecting their gift of eyesight?

If your child is not performing at his or her highest potential in sports and you believe that it may be due to vision, please bring them in for a comprehensive eye exam. Many parents and children are amazed with the marked improvements that can come with proper visual correction. Many young people have developed a higher batting average, better outside jumper or freethrow, and quicker response time in positioning themselves to the ball.

Most agree that the best option for sports and vision correction is wearing contact lenses. Having better peripheral side vision and not having anything in front of their face or eyes usually creates a more comfortable feeling for young people when they play sports. Your doctors at Stein Optometric Center will evaluate your child and fit him or her with the best contact lenses suitable for their eyes.

But what if your child is unable to wear contact lenses? The next best option is sport goggles with impact resistant lenses. This type of eyewear gives your young athletes the visual correction they need to perform well. Sport googles also protect your child's precious eyesight from balls and objects moving at high velocity.

Please ask your doctor at Stein Optometric Center about the different methods of visual correction for your child and which is best for them to excel in their sport.

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