Progressive Eyeglass Lens Options

  • New Varilux Comfort
  • New Varilux Comfort Short
  • New Varilux Comfort Enhanced
  • Varilux Physio Enhanced
  • Essilor Computer Lens (requires Crizal Avance or Sapphire Coating)
  • Definity Short
  • Essilor Natural
  • Varliux Ipseo IV(requires Crizal Avance or Sapphire Coating)
  • Varilux Physio
  • Varilux Sport
  • Essilor Anti-Fatigue Lens
  • Definity

Essilor Lens Family

Varilux eyeglass lenses   Essilor eyeglass lenses


Why do you need a Progressive Lens?

As we grow older, our vision goes through a natural change in vision linked to the loss of flexibility in the crystalline lens of the eye. Initially, this change manifests itself as a loss in near vision. When this occurs, there are three possible solutions:

Reading Glasses

This solution solves the problem for near vision; however the mid-range and distance vision become blurry while wearing the reading glasses.


Bifocals allow you to see distance and near clearly, however the mid-range remains blurry. There is also a very abrupt split in your vision rather than a natural progression. And let's not forget the visible, unsightly line.

Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses (also referred to as no-line bifocals) allow you to see distance, mid-range and near clearly. The transition between the three ranges is a natural progression without sudden shifts in vision. As a result, you only need one pair of general-use glasses. This solution offers you the best option and is the closest to your natural vision, regardless of the distance. You get clear, comfortable vision at all distances.

Why should you consider Varilux and Essilor Lenses as your "Progressive Lens of Choice"?

With standard progressive lenses, distance, intermediate and near vision is clear; however the corridor of vision is very narrow and there is a great deal of peripheral distortion.

Varilux and Essilor Products are Premium Progressive Lenses. Unlike standard progressives, they significantly reduce or eliminate peripheral distortion. This creates an exceptionally wide area of vision. Varilux lenses offer a high resolution wide viewing area with natural vision at all distances. With Varilux and Essilor Products, the choices are infinite. See the next section for a small sampling of their products. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you in your selection to make sure that you choose the products that will work best for your particular lifestyle, and/or enhance your work experience.

Do you need a General Use Progressive, an Occupational Progressive, or a Specialty Lens? Varilux and Essilor have it all!

Varilux Physio and Comfort Enhanced

The Enhanced Series of Varilux lenses are all about customization. Why does customization matter? Every person's eyes are unique, and everyone sees the world differently. The more closely your lenses are adjusted to meet your specific needs, the greater the visual clarity and sharpness you will experience. A customized lens design provides optimal performance for your unique vision requirements. These lenses use the next generation of lens design technology: W.A.V.E. Technology 2. With much greater light transmission than other lenses on the market, they provide the sharpest vision at every distance, even in the most challenging low light conditions. Experience safer more confident night driving, less eye strain from low-light reading, TV and computer usage, and of course much a much wider, distortion free viewing area.

New Varilux Comfort

Varilux Comfort is the most recommended, best selling premium progressive lens of all time. Over 100 million pairs have been dispensed making Varilux Comfort the Gold Standard by which other progressives are judged.

These lenses provide excellent near, intermediate, distance and peripheral vision, without compromising the visual quality of any single zone. A patented design allows Varilux Comfort lenses to smoothly transition between visual zones enabling easy adaptation and reduced head and neck strain.

New Varilux Comfort Short, Varilux Physio Short and Definity Short

With short-corridor Progressive lenses form Varilux and Essilor, you can enjoy the sharpest progressive vision in today's smaller, stylish frames. You do not have to sacrifice great visual performance because you prefer or need a smaller frame when you use these lenses specifically designed to fit small frames.

Don't compromise! You can have it all! Short-corridor lenses offer you:

  • Wide, less distorted distance vision
  • Freedom to choose the frames you want
  • Comfortable near vision
  • A design optimized for natural head and eye movement

Essilor Computer Lenses

Varilux Computer Lens for daily modern lifestyle

Is extended computer use straining your eyes, neck and back because you are using general-use progressive lenses? Do you have an occupation that requires primarily intermediate and close vision for extended periods of time (like Pianist, Draftsman, or Lab Technician). Your solution is a pair of Essilor Computer Lenses:

  • Wide and comfortable intermediate distance for full screen or work space vision at intermediate distance, specifically designed to accommodate a patient's natural posture and workspace ergonomics
  • A smooth transition to wide near vision for looking at keyboard and documents
  • Functional and Efficient Distance Vision by tilting the head slightly downward

Varilux Ipseo

Never before has a lens been so personalized to the unique way you and only you see the world. If you want the finest vision correction available, the Varilux® Ipseo® lens is just for you.

We each have our own ratio of head and eye movements as part of our unique visual behavior. Varilux Ipseo lenses are the only lenses that factor your unique behavior into the design of the lens. Each lens is so unique; your initials are discreetly engraved onto it.

Varilux Ipseo lenses give you:

  • The most personalized vision correction available
  • Easy adaptation, because your personal visual behavior is incorporated into the design
  • Greatly reduced swimming effect if you are more of a head mover
  • Significantly enhanced magnification if you are more of an eye mover

Varilux Sport

Varilux Sport is the only progressive lens designed specifically for outdoor activities. With an enlarged distance visual field and enhanced dynamic vision (when you move or the surroundings move), Varilux Sport lenses give you optimized visual performance for all outdoor activities.

A range of Varilux Sport lenses are available to help with the specific demands of your outdoor activities, including:

Biking, Fishing, Skating, Aquatic Sports, Driving, Running, Walking, Shooting, Hunting, Archery, Skiing, Tennis, Golf, Hiking, Rock Climbing, High Altitude Activities Mountain Biking, and more...

Same Day Service

Need new glasses immediately? Our Manhattan Beach location offers 1-hour service on most single vision lenses, processed in our state-of-the-art optical laboratory by our experienced professional lens technicians including Harry (pictured below) and Gabriel.

Harry is one our professional lens technicians for top quality eyeglasses done while you wait


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